Download Joy is a female owned and operated production company based in Vancouver BC.

While we are genre agnostic, we gravitate toward stories that explore complex and nuanced characters and that are routed in theme. We love using a variety of genres to examine what it is that truly makes us human.

Our Team, made up of Luvia Petersen, Huelah Lander and Amanda Konkin, has received funding and support from the Harold Greenberg Fund, Bell Media, CreativeBC and Crazy8s. Our work has obtained distribution through CraveTV and DUST. Individually, our content has also been seen on platforms such as Lifetime, OUTtv, VIFF Connect, Telus and Netflix.

We are currently in development on two feature films that are seeking production financing

We are always looking to collaborate with partners who can elevate our work and help us find creative financing solutions. We are also always looking for diverse perspectives to inform and shape the stories we tell.



Filmed in 2020 with support from the Harold Greenberg Fund, h.appiness is a grounded sci fi short that tells the story of a man who entrusts his entire life to a happiness app only to completely unravel when he begins to doubt the science behind it.

The short film will debut on CraveTV in Canada and DUST internationally in July 2021.

A feature film was also developed thanks to additional support from the Harold Greenberg Fund and CreativeBC. The feature was accepted into the From Script to Pre Production workshop where additional materials, such as a look book and budget, were further developed.


Selected for production from over a hundred pitches through Crazy8s, iDorothy is a story about self-actualization with a sci fi twist. It tells the story of a grieving widower who has his dead wife’s memories uploaded into her bio-synthetic replica. Once activated, she begins experiencing flashes of terrifying images as buried secrets force their way to the surface threatening both of them.

iDorothy is currently doing the festival circuit.

Luvia Petersen

Huelah Lander

Amanda Konkin